In 1984 Clay Rigdon  WWW.CLAYRIGDON.COM (the guy with the "skunk" hairdo) on piano and backing vocals, Steve Forst (the drummer with the towel wrapped around his shoulders) , our bassist at the time Randy "The Worm" Brown (not pictured), and myself Robbie Boyette (to the left of Steve with bleached white hair)  on lead vox and guitar had a rare night off from playing and so we drove to Stuart, Fla. to Billy Elkins' 8 track studio and recorded and mixed 4 songs in 4 hours. I found two of the songs on an old cassette and I digitized it and here they are. Just click on the song titles....or better yet right click and "save as" to your hard drive to listen.

I'M SCARED...words&music by Robbie Boyette

BOY WITH A PROBLEM...words&music by Robbie Boyette
Just before I joined the Oath in 1993, I got a recording contract for one song on a compilation album with Rodell Records. I went down to Orlando and re-united with my SWEET MERCY bandmates Kevin Purdy on bass and Darin Griffin on drums. The three of us went to Kevin Ficklin's 32 track studio in Orlando and recorded this one:

SOUL STEALER...words&music by Robbie Boyette
Ahh, the definitive version of The Oath. Me, Tony, Lynn, and Kenny. We kicked more ass than any band in the upstate. And even though The Oath is still a good band, it doesn't have that magic and power that we captured in the mid to late 1990's. Don't believe me? Then give these songs a listen. They were originally recorded on my Tascam 8 track cassette recorder at my home. But they still kick ass. It's me Robbie Boyette on guitar and lead vox, Kenny Swanger on bass and backup vox, Tony Gardo on keyboards and backup vox, and the almighty Lynn I. Swanger on drums and backup vox. Check it out...then tell me I'm wrong when I say all the other bands around here suck! LOL!

UPSIDE DOWN...words&music by Robbie Boyette

TONGUE...words&music by Robbie Boyette

GIVE THAT BAD DOG A BREAK...words&music by Robbie Boyette  (this one is actually a "board" tape recorded "live" at a nightclub in Greenville, SC around 1996, and I think is a great representation of how much ass we kicked and why all the other bands in South Carolina SUCK!)


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